Detan DIY Active Facial Kit - Multi Use


Tanned, Pigmented Skin With Uneven Skin Tone, Pre-party Glow Up


5 Steps:

Micellar Water, Serum Exfoliator, Massage Butter, Pre-Mask Serum Booster &  Specialist Sheet Mask



Instantly reduces Superficial Tan

Brightens The Skin

Helps reduce pigment spots over time

Instant Glow


Multi-Use Kit:

For 8 DIY Active Facials

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great products.

The skin Q kit has all the facial items, it's very easy to use sitying at instructs are give on it. It works really good on all types of skin. I specially love the sunprotect.

Mohana Thirumalasetti
Healthy & Glowing

I live in Chennai and due to the constant high levels of humidity in the air I have very Dull looking skin. My skin is also very prone to tanning quickly even when I use lots of sunscreen. I recently came across SkinQ on Facebook and ordered their facial kit for dull skin.
I absolutely loved the product as I saw my skin look and feel good instantly. What I love most about the facial kit for dull skin was that it was quick, simple, easy to do and very affordable. Would highly recommend that everybody tries their products